Travel Mobile Apps

6 Apps for the International Business Traveler

When you’re traveling internationally, there are many things you have to worry about – energy outlets changing, currency conversions. One thing you don’t have to worry about, though, are the…

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Social Media App Marketing

How to Create Buzz and Market Your App With Social Media

With the increase in smartphone and tablet purchases, people are buying and using more and more apps for business and for pleasure. More and more app developers are adding to…

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User Acquisition User Retention

A Guide to User Acquisition & User Retention

User acquisition and user retention are really two sides of the same coin, and both are important for app developers once their app is published on an app store. All…

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App Monetizing

Monetizing with the User in Mind

What is one of the main keys to successful monetization? Its simple; monetize with the user in mind! After all, the user is the person who you want to click…

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Hide default apps

The State of Mobile

The mobile world eagerly awaited the industry reports which were released this week. Now that the numbers are finally in, let’s take a look at the data that is most…

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Introducing: Two Brand New Ad Types!

We have been working tirelessly to perfect our In App SDK, so today we are incredibly proud to introduce our two newest ad units: the Splash ad and the Overlay…

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Mobile App Trends

App Trends: What’s in and What’s Out

As the app industry matures, new features, designs, and user demands will emerge and transform the mobile application landscape. Staying ahead of the trends is a great way for developers…

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App Monetization

How To Make eCPM Work For You

How can I increase my eCPM? We hear this question a lot from our developers, and similar questions pop up on developer forums all of the time. The first step…

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Productive Apps

5 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Your Android or iPhone

Today’s fast paced life would be quite a mess if not for the smart devices that have taken over some of the tasks that would otherwise have been difficult to…

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Google Play Embraces Cross-Platform

Google Play Embraces Cross-Platform

According to a survey by Everyplay, mobile gamers who use both iOS and Android devices tend to be bigger consumers of mobile apps. The survey suggests these gamers not only…

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App Development Tools

Pros and Cons of App Development Tools

Developing a gaming app requires the developer to put an effective plan into place. Many try to develop a design and concept that would appeal to both the cliques of…

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User Retention

Android, iOS, or Windows Phone?

Everyone knows the three major operating systems: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (which recently overtook the struggling Symbian OS). Developing an app that is compatible with each operating system can…

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