13+ Brilliant WordPress Tutorials For Creating and Managing Your Own Site

Who’s got time to read boring books? Here are 13 best WordPress Tutorials that helps you to develop and manage your own site easily. Before moving towards tutorial section, continue reading what actually WordPress is.

13 Brilliant WordPress Tutorials For Creating and Managing Your Own Site

WordPress is an open source content management systems that based on PHP and MySQL. A plug-in architecture and a template system are some exceptional features added in WP. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging systems with more than 60 million websites on the Web.

Due to its huge popularity, there are uncountable WordPress tutorials available online. Check out some of the best collection given below:

1st How to Manage WordPress Posts with PHP? [ Part - 1 | Part - 2 ]

Harri Bell Thomas Tutorial

If you are looking to extend the basic functions of your WP site, then this tutorial is best for you. Going through this tutorial, you can able to 'Create WordPress Posts And Pages Using PHP' step-wise. Harri Bell-Thomas is an expert coder and graphic designer who has written this tutorials to help me and you. ;)

2nd How to Retrieve Posts with Multiple Taxonomies?

Go through this tutorial and simply stamp your data – in WordPress with multiple taxonomies. If you have queries related to custom post types, and custom taxonomies, then this tutorial is created for you only.

3rd How to Build Your Own Custom WordPress Search?

This tutorial helps you to create your own custom WordPress search and search out some exceptional well WordPress search secrets. Go through this post and know how to build a secondary search engine that has specific requirements.

4th How to Upload Files in WordPress?

This tutorial teaches how to upload file into a custom post type by using an input element instead of using the WordPress media uploader.

5th How To Change And Reference Various WordPress Directories?

Change And Reference Various WP Directories

This tutorial implements the wp-content directory and URL using constants in wp-config.php for editing wp-config.

6th How to Create a WordPress Team Page?

Do you want to create WordPress Team Page? Create WP team page with a couple of clicks from the WordPress admin UI and without writing a single line of PHP code. Look at this tutorial for more information.

7th How to Delete Files in WordPress?

Want to remove old files from WP? Simply go through this tutorial and learn how to remove the files and the Meta data easily.

8th How to Add Password Strength Meter Script?

Check out this tutorial and know how to use the WordPress' password strength meter in your own forms using the script.

9th How to Allow Guests To Post?

Allow Guests To Post

If you want to allow a guest or regular contributor to create a post without requiring access the WordPress admin interface, then this tutorial is especially created for you. Check out and add functionality.

10th How to improve WordPress comments?

This tutorial helps to enhance default WordPress comment behavior and give information about how to enhance the overall experience of improving WP comment section.

11st How to Create Static Front Pages in WordPress?

If you want to setup a static WP page then go through this tutorial as it taught about how to set it up within the context of the WordPress dashboard.

12nd How to Deactivate WordPress Multisite properly?

Check out this tutorial, if you want to grab an idea about how to remove any remaining sites, unwanted users, Multisite lines from WP Config and many more things.

13th 14 Handy WordPress Hacks

WordPress Hacks

On this 13th I like to dig more deeply with more 14 hacks. ;) Going through the list of above given tutorials, you will get to know how to manage particular WordPress features.

In comment, +AlexCooper has suggested more WordPress tutorials of WPEagle. They seem nice.

If you have some more tutorials that would help our readers, then tell us through comments.


  1. thanks this is helpful especially to newbies. wordpress is a powerful blogging system but it's also very learner-friendly so the more we used it, the more we learnt.

    1. Welcome Tomboy,
      Glad you find it helpful :)

  2. Hi Joseph, great list!

    I wondered if you've come across any of my video tutorials on Wordpress. I've done loads. Would love if you could include some in any of your upcoming posts.. Take a look here: http://www.wpeagle.com/category/wordpress-tutorials/

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Alex.
      And I've added yours in this list. They're pretty looking ;)

  3. Thank you joseph for sharing with us.. i am a newbie here and i found out this information is usefull to all people who need it..
    i really need to share it to many social netwoking site..
    thank u for once again..


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