Top 6 Dangerous Mistakes That Web Designers Make

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Web Designer Mistakes

Here, the author has shared the top 6 dangerous mistakes that web designers make while designing their e-business site. So, ensure that you avoid these 6 mistakes while designing your website and have an attractive well designed website.

Opening New Windows

There was a time when using a multiple new frame in order to present content through website was cool, but now it irritates your website visitors as it ties up system resources and slows computer response and complicates a visitors’ experience. We know that it is easy to use, but don’t. There are lots of users, who are looking to open links in new tabs with tabbed browsing common in browsers such as Firefox.

Immobilized the Back Button

There are lots of evil website authors, who have figured out how to break a browser’s back button so that whenever any user pushes it one of the lots of unexpected things happen. The browser stays put as the back button has been deactivated or sometime a new window pops up and overtakes the screen. So, it is advisable to you not to do this as it irritates users and they got annoyed and do not return to their website.

Broken Links

When clicked or lead to 404 error pages, hyperlinks do nothing. 404 error pages are such pages that are the banned of any surfer. SO, remember to test your website and do it weekly in order to avoid any kind of broken link. In your website, you can include a contact the webmaster link so that users can quickly allow you to know that whether any link is broken or not.

Poor Navigation

It is true that Internet is promises about the speed of the website. If the surfers are not able to figure out where to go next instantly, they simply surf on to the next website – someone your competitor. Try to understand as per your website visitors – going back two or three pages in order to get other areas of the website is really irritating. It is must for you to have a navigation bar on each page, which guides visitors to other areas.

Lots of Font Styles and Colors

These days, pages have to show a combined, consistent look, but novice website builders – entranced by having numerous fonts at their fingers and lots of colors that turn one’s pages into a garish mishmash. Remember to use two or three fonts as well as colors per page as it is one such idea that reassures viewers of your firmness and constancy. It is also essential for you to ensure that your font and colors look good on all possible devices from iPhone to tablets to desktops.

Irrelevant & Old Information

There are lots of websites that include old and outdated content and information, so they need to ensure that to have fresh and updated site for best results. Moreover, it is also important for you to include content that is accurate and if you should find a single mistake, ensure that you fix it quickly.

So, these are top 6 dangerous mistakes that web designers make while designing a new website. It is imperative for them to avoid such mistakes to get high and best results. However, if you are looking to get more information on web design, you can get in touch with web design professional.

Summary: "There are lots of web designers, who made mistakes while designing a website, so it is important for them to avoid such mistakes in order to have a high-end website. Check-out this blog and find-out 6 major mistakes that every web designer should avoid."


  1. Hello Joseph Herb,

    you have discover a real mistakes from designers but some of them you missed and are very common like old way to display navigation. changing colour combination of theme and changing banner behaviour or using big brand logo for new logo creation are really unnatural and UN-realistic as a web development company based in india we are also making sure that every client gets the real and unique design and development to make them happy.

    enjoyed your post thanks for sharing

  2. web designing is a creative career, you need to implement your imagination and creativity skills to create stunning website. However, web designers are facing huge problems in designing a website. The factors you mentioned in the post is very common to most of the web developers.
    really informative post, joseph

  3. During website designing your web design company should try to reduce excessive code especially JavaScript and CSS, and let adhere to unique content. This would reduce the time it takes for search engine spiders to find relevant content. Search engines always look for unique or relevant content that makes your website appear among the top ranks of search engine listings. Create individual webpage for each keyword or keyword phrase. Duplicate content affects your SEO campaign. This should be avoided when designing your website by your web design company. To get more

    1. You're not wrong Smith. Thanks

      But you should read carefully my comment guide below.

  4. You are right Jospeh. Some time designers do some silly mistakes. Sometime they even not change the content which they copied form other sites and sometime they show lack interest in Font style and colors. So i think , before make any site live, we have to run testing process double time. Whats your thought on this?

  5. Your blog is really very informative. Thanks for sharing this useful information. Keep posting.


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