Impact of Web Design with Wearable Technology

Different types of products like Nike+ FuelBand, Google Glass shows the future of wearable technology. These wearable looks exhilarating, especially for business person, who are planning to use such technology in their own businesses/products. Right now, buying coffee, making call, recording videos, checking health are possible with smartwatch.

Wearable Technology

This is just beginning, the release of Android Wear, Apple iWatch, and Google Glass allow to deliver comfort through wearing technology rather than to hold it. The way users interact with the internet and its design will be shifted by the idea of wearing a computer. Is web design work in future?

Wearable Technology – What is all about?

Wearable technology can be any accessory items or clothing. Some of the most wearable technology is available in the form of wrist wear or eyeglasses. Generally, it is a light-weight and modest. Most popular and accessible users for wearable tech of fitness gadgets like Fitbit, and smartwatches like Pebble.

Why Designers Should Care?

83% of industry experts believe that wearable technology will grow within the next 10 years, according to Pew Research Center Internet Project report. Users will be fully engrossed in the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2025. That simple means users will access websites from different platforms, aside to mobile phones and desktops.

As technology advances, more number of users wants to adopt these wearables things and more clients want to access their site on these technology. If you don’t have website that are accessible to these technology then your clients will search elsewhere to fit their needs.

Impact of Wearable To Your Design

Wearable tech will impact to your design that is sure. But the question is how. We already have seen that how mobile technology like smart phones and tablets challenged the web design community to design responsive site. In same way, designers will be caused by the advent of wearable to modernize and ruthlessly edit the extra.

Important Things To Be Consider for Wearable Tech Web Design:

Responsive Design:

It is seen that huge number of websites aren’t optimized for mobile viewing. 3% of Fortune 1000 websites are responsive and fast, according to the recent study conducted by Restive Labs. If they can make it right, you simply imagine what others can do. Right now, mobile viewports are used by browser-capable wearable technology. So, it wouldn’t be advisable to use meta tag into your design.

Text Is Larger

The font size should be of 12 pt or higher. However, this is not possible with wearable technology. If we are looking at the Google Glass, we find it has limited in scope and navigation. However, users can still access web pages.

Design is Modest

In last few years, we have seen minimalism on trend in web design. Such type of design is more appealing for the wearable platform as it doesn’t devastate. Many times, web designers over-stylize in an attempt to impress its audience. It would be good if content take center state. Always design website by thinking about how you’d like your website to be seen on a wearable device.

Interactivity is Everything

Wearable tech is one kind of soft introduction into augmented reality. If we are looking at the Innovega iOptik platform, we will come to know it provides a "virtual canvas" with the combination of contact lenses and micro-projector eyeglasses to its users. Voice navigation is another add-on available in wearable tech. Users are also allowed by wearable tech to get inside of technology in a way that is never been done before. What actually web design means? That simply means your web design don’t have static and resting on pretty. Your web design should be dynamic with a clear understanding that meet your visitor’s requirements.

Immediate Information

Wear techies want instant information. The whole point of wearing technology is instant access. That means you should have to create web design that slow the user’s access to information. It is advisable to figure out why is the visitor on your website and once, you get the answer start designing.

The Last Thought

Wearable technology starts its journey and it is must for designers to be prepared with future-proof web designs that work excellent with latest exciting medium.


  1. Wearable devices are just around the corner, BrandWatch partnered with digital strategy agency Brilliant Noise to investigate what tweets can tell us about the public appetite for smartwatches, Google Glass, virtual reality specs, fitness trackers and all the rest.

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