Do You Recognize the 11 Tools Launched for Web Designers in Sep 2014?

In the month of September, there are lots of things that are new for web designers and developers, and it is must for them to check-out those new things in order to learn some new tactics and techniques.

When it comes to talk about those new things, it includes CSS tools, inspiration resources, web apps, software, email templates, jQuery resources, pattern tools, WordPress design, theme, plugin and many more...

Early Launched Designers Tools

All these resources are extremely useful for all the code junkies and web monkeys, and the best thing about these resources is that some of them are free or very low cost, so small and mid-sized businesses can also opt for these tools.

Without wasting your precious time, let’s have a look on these resources that are sure to be helpful for you:

1st Transactional HTML Email Templates

With a comprehensive range of transactional HTML email templates, it would be easy for designers and developers to create various common transactional emails, including password resets, receipts, support requests and many more. These types of templates can work in desktop, mobile phones and web-based email clients.

2nd Shrthnd

Now, Shrthnd is an extremely easy and simple to use CSS shorthand web application as users just need to input their standard CSS as it will output a much smaller version, which a lot simpler to maintain and keeps your stylesheets smaller.

3rd Gravit

A new open source design tool 'Gravit' is currently obtainable as a beta release that provides its users the possibilities of a full-scale design suit. However, it is obtainable in an app-size package.

4th Responsive Web Design Podcast

The all new Responsive Web Design Podcast is co-hosted by Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte. One of the best things about this podcast is that they have conducted interviews with people, who have worked on responsive designs for some very important websites like Capital One, Marriott and more.

5th UXPorn

A complete collection of UX inspiration for designers, UXPorn comes with wireframe templates, UI design patterns and a lot more that help designers and developers in their day-to-day task.

6th The Colors of Motion

With the help of The Colors of Motion, users are allowed to break down the color palettes of popular films in a frame-by-frame basis. Being a user-friendly UI, it works incredibly as users just need to click on a film and have to find the frame whose color they like.

7th Go Moodboard

A free moodboard creator '' allows designers and developers to create and share moodboards on anything they like. They can start with a black board or with one of their templates, but they need to be careful.

8th The Stocks

The Stocks is a free royalty photos from outside the standard stock photo website that serves as a single jumping-off point for a range of stock photo websites.

9th The Starter League

We all know that developing web applications without the help and support is quite difficult, so The Starter League is one such tool that offers you with an expert instruction and mentorship. Paired-up with more than 37 signals in order to offer in-depth information on developing successful web apps, it is a great option for designers and developers.

10th Fibonacci Flexbox Composer

If you are looking to develop a Flexbox layout, the Fibonacci Flexbox Composer is a great option as it exports the HTML and CSS. However, it is not using the Fibonacci sequence in any way in spite of its name.

11th UILang

A UI-focused programming language 'UILang' is a perfect language that especially for web designers to make their work a lot easier. This is one such language that develops overlays, tabs, popovers, galleries and more.

So, these were the new things and resources for web designers and developers in the month of September, 2014. You can use these resources and get huge help in your work to complete it on time.

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