HTML5 in iOS 8 - Apple Supports WebGL and IndexedDB for Web Development

There is good news for web programmers as support for standards has been added by Apple's new iOS 8 that allows developing interesting games and more productive websites. Safari, which is developed into Apple’s operating system, can run Web software that written to use the IndexedDB standard to store data that can be used without a network connection and the WebGL standard for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.

HTML5 role in iOS8

The best thing about Web-based games is it can speed up 2D graphics and another is for tools like word processors, e-mail, or blog-posting for those people, who don’t want to lose their work when network access is disconnected in a tunnel or a plane. iOS is a likeable among programmers and thus, we find Apple makes are essential.

iOS8 Latest Features

As it is more widely supported a new standard, most of the HTML5 web programmers are using it instead of worrying why software doesn’t work on one browser.

In addition to, you will find many features listed in latest iOS 8 that used in HTML5 web application development such as:

CSS Shapes Level 1

CSS Shapes Level 1 rarely seen features and but finally it is available with prefixed support in iOS 8. Previously, this feature is available in Chrome, Chrome for Android and Opera that allows developing more dynamic text layouts that gives looks of magazine to your web pages. Check out Shapes from Adobe for more examples.

SVG Fragment Identifiers

SVG Fragment Identifiers is one of the powerful features that currently available in Chrome for Android, IE 10, 11 and Mobile, and iOS 8 Safari. It allows for very powerful vector spritesheets. It is essential for web gaming, more dynamic icons and other UI elements.

HTML Templates

Web Components is now obtainable in the latest Android and iOS browsers. It is one of the biggest steps that makes a truly modular web and can open up with huge potential with one less polyfill needed.

WebGL for 3D Canvas Graphics

One of the excellent features web developers is it supports Hardware-accelerated 3D Graphics, which is mostly used in gaming. Developers can also use such kind of features especially for animations and transitions. Want to know more about WebGL Sprite Particle? Check out this Demo.


We all know that WebSQL has been available for iOS and Android but not supporting Internet Explorer. The Web SQL Spec will have to be dropped in a future version. The good news is now IndexedDB available across iOS, Chrome for Android, Android, Safari, IE Mobile, and can also support Blackberry 10 and IE 10/11.

Navigation/High Resolution Timing APIs

Having a streamlined performance timing API will enable to deliver better cross-platform benchmarking and performance testing through superficially not an exceptionally popular end user facing feature.

These are some amazing features that we find while we get HTML5 in iOS 8. Want to adopt such features in your project? Then contact me.

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