5 Easy Ways To Attract New Customers With Your Explainer Videos

Attract Customer by Video

Surfing any category on the web, it results in words, words, words and only words. To detect motion, our brains are hardwired. So, we can easily understand why YouTube is the #2 on search engine and the #3 social media website in the world.

As our human brains are quite wired for motion as we glide through pages and pages of information, our eyes are overfull with letters and numbers. But we all are tolerating drab videos to its end because it is visual, so we can understand that how much our brain is attracted towards visual videos.

For your business’s home page or landing page, explainer videos are the communication gold mine that you are looking to get, but how do you do this? Continue reading this blog and get how you can do this and acquire a lot of benefits:

A Good Quality Explainer Videos Use Motion to Inform and to Entertain

Day-by-day, the online competition is ferocious. One bug of a concept may spawn a lot of copy cats. But you know what differentiates a good explainer video from a mediocre one? It gives answers the 3 W’s through motion, information and entertainment.

When it comes to creative use of moving objects in a visual format, it mainly followed by an entertaining overview of the WHO, WHAT, WHY of your business divides a good explainer video from a stale one. You can take a good look at your landing page as mostly you have a Welcome blurb.

If you have a good and well-made explainer video for your business, it shows what we need to know about your business like what you do who you are, why we should use your products or service and more.

Check out the explainer video for Message:

The three W’s are answered through motion, entertainment and information:

- Who – Web application for managing social networks and groups communication

- What – Easy yet simple to use and navigate software, which increases productivity

- Why – Clean and stunning and affordable priced

Are you not forced to try the Messenger application? So, did your eyes not follow the action animation to its end? It is the control of a good interpreter video as our brains are wired to know movement. It is even better when it is visually entertaining.

Only Good Explainer Videos can Provoke an Emotion

When it comes to the most appealing method, which makes a good explainer video, is to develop a considerate and important visual story with different characters to provoke an emotion in the viewer.

Check out the explainer video for Attentive.ly:

The below give small and delightful video give a feel like a mini short film as it still informs on the WHO, WHAT and WHY of their business.

By checking this video, you can feel that it is full of visual motion and full of information and sincere entertaining one. You comprehend attentive.ly’s social media match service. They can do is to help you connect with your client’s social network preference.

They can help you to promote your events and campaigns and find-out what your clients are saying on social media websites. After checking their appealing video, what you are feeling is to know more and more about Attentive.ly in order to see how their services may boost your traffic campaigns for your business.

Good Explainer Videos Combine Live Action with Animation

As we all know that animation is fun-loving and extremely entertaining, but may be you are looking to add a personal touch. In a good explainer video, few of the graphics, animation and illustrations with an actor can personalize the WHO, WHAT, WHY of your business. Check-out this below mentioned video for Airbnd:

In this video, you can see that how the scene is constantly changing, but the main focus on the girl remains the same. Rather than a static still shot, there is only one constant motion. You are enthralled and signals fire constantly in your brain to keep your eyes on the eyes on the female.

Graphics are persisting as the female actor in the video explains WHO of Airbnd as a company, which helps you to know an interesting place to stay – the WHAT of Airbnd and WHY you should acquire the service of Airbnd.

A Good Explainer Video Can Simplify Ideas

You know what video does actually – it does is I don’t know about you, but something I feel to see something before I completely understand it. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t value your explanation, but I am interested in until I see it in action.

If you are one of those merchants, who are in complicated industries like any technology or web, you can use a video to simplify ideas that can make the different between someone understanding what you wanted to say and what it is all about. For instance – healthcare industries are making using of whiteboard videos so that they can easily explain difficult concepts to their patients to understand.

The above mentioned video can make it easy for patients to understand a much difficult things that no amount of words could do. You can simply your company’s message/purpose by using a video, and you can also make people less frightened. All the people only see is benefit of what you are offering not the jargon and they see you.

First-class Explainer Videos Influence People to Buy or Use Your Product/Service

Before checking out your product/service video, people may not have any need for your product, but you have to make your video appealing so that after checking out a visual presentation, people may impulse-purchase your products because they will need it.

The below given video from Urbanears Tanto Headphones made this compelling video that influence people to purchase your product/service:

After checking out this video, you will surely feel a warm human connection as the headphones are given almost a realistic look as they prop straight up. Different and attractive colors are changing constantly that grabbing the attention of viewers throughout the video.

May be you don’t need a pair of headphones right now, but whenever you will have a need in the future, you will surely remember this company after watching its explainer video.

So, having a good explainer video for your business can bring a lot of opportunity and boost sales and profit in mean-time. Keep visiting our blog for more information on eCommerce and its related solutions as here we cover top stories of eCommerce and its news that help you to get a lot of information.

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