7 Unbelievable eCommerce Secrets to implement in 2015

According to some survey, more people are making online purchases and thus, we find increase in sales figures. Over time, this sale figure becomes double that result into more revenue.

Some big companies don’t leaving much space for other merchants to expand their business. For example: about 10% of the eCommerce market are owned by Amazon and other popular retails such as Walmart, Sears and Apple own another 10% in the United States.

Additionally, more than 1000 eCommerce companies are betting for rest of 80% of the American business. However, the cost connected with virtual retails are much low and thus, it is easy to convert it into profit selling online rather than offline.

We all know that holiday season is best to increase sales and profit ratio and most of the eCommerce merchants are focusing on holiday sales.

Every merchant is doing same thing email campaigns, coupons code, free shipping and so on. So, why not you try something else that ecommerce aren’t?

If you want to try some unique things then this post bring 7 better and most unique suggestions for your eCommerce business that you should implement.

Provide Buy-It-Later Option

Not everyone can buy everything that wanted to.

You just have to evaluate graph to check out how much people spend throughout holiday season. Looking at the graph, we come to know that most of the amount get spend from November 1- December 31.

No doubt, customers are spending huge money while shopping online. They are looking at the products that want to purchase and they will purchase in future.

Many a time, people don’t have money when they are going to purchase something for themselves. They want some product, but they can’t get it.

In such situation,you can accommodate that product to your customer by providing a buy-it-later option.

They wanted to purchase it, but they can’t afford right now. Thus, you set up a method through which they can purchase for later.

If you want to add ‘Buy-It-Later’ Option then you have to add CTA button after “buy” button and named as “Buy It Later”. You can add option like, email address and product that want to purchase.

Additionally, on particular date, you can send them reminder mail about products that they want to purchase.

This thing surely adds advantage in your Q1 sales.

Use Social Media – Instagram

One of the most popular social media networking site, Instagram helps online merchants to create a brand. It enables to add top trending products’ pictures during holiday season.

You have to be wise and add pictures of products that you are launching in upcoming month as it helps online merchant in their sales boosting activity.

You can also start countdown or competition related to product using picture and encourage your customer to participate. It is long-term profitable technique that enhances your sales and brand value.

Get Ready for January Sales:

While enjoying December sales, no merchants are thinking of January. Almost every merchant is focusing on the big sales of Q4.

Let me explain through the chart that shows consumer’s spending habits, according to quarters. Looking at the graph, you have noticed that Q4 always get high sales while Q1 gets low.

The way graph is going doesn’t bring steady business. Unless you are selling Christmas trees or other items related to Christmas.

Here, you have to implement your practical knowledge by adding below given points in Q1 strategy:

- Preparing email lists

- Strategizing sales initiatives

- Planning ad creatives

- Increasing PPC spend

- Readying inventory and so on.

You just have to prepare for Q1 while other merchants are running behind Q4 sales. Don’t rest. Start thinking for January.

A/B Test

Split test is one of the effective moves for snazzy holiday season. Conversion optimizers have an idea about the importance of split testing in eCommerce business.

However, there are many people forget to run test during holiday season. A/B testing is such thing that can be easily neglected by eCommerce merchants.

Thus, it is advisable not to neglect as it is considered as direct methods of enhancing sales.

Online merchants can check and make changes during the holiday season. Below given are some upsides.

- You have to spilt tests before holiday season and make adjustments that enhance sales in later season.

- You also have to conduct split-tests throughout the holiday period and check-out result to next holiday season.

- Moreover, you can also conduct split-tests during the holiday season and apply changes during the regular season.

Create A Wish List

The best strategy of Amazon is it allows creating a wish list. Have you ever thing why Amazon gets all the fun? Your eCommerce site have some products on your eCommerce site, however, you can allows your customer to make a wish list.

If you want to fight with shopping cart abandonment then wish list is an effective option that invites people for a future purchase.

Creating a wish-list is not an easy task, you have to add an extension your Shopify store, add in your WordPress store or install module for Drupal Store.

Add Extra Charges

Add extra money into your actual product’s cost during holiday season. The fact is people are purchasing more stuff and can spend enough money to purchase the gift for their beloved ones.

Normally, we are finding price are insensible that located at the starting of the bell curve on presented sensitivity graph given below:

We all know that holiday season sales work on the created urgency principle and they are driven through a convincing sense of time. As a result, customers will surely pay extra bucks.

Move ahead and add some extra charges. You can also add charges in the form of free shipping, a restocking fee and so on.

It is recommended to implement this strategy with cautions and only if the situation demands it.

Launch New Product

Introducing new product is one of the best holiday season tricks. When you are enjoying big sales, ensure to get ready for launching a new product.

According to some research, most of the products release fails. There are many reason behind it, one of them is having abstract non-issue.

A huge blind spot in product launch failure is typified by this chart given from Brainzooming.com.

Before failure, you have to make proper preparation and timing. Here, preparation means you have to create most of marketing up and following through the release. Moreover, timing means you have to choose the optimal time for your customer reception and business.

Launching product Post-holiday season is the best time as New Year enables people to think of purchasing new items.

Introducing new product come with new mentality and positive improvement.

These are some effective techniques to maintain sales in the upcoming month after holiday period. If you want to develop eCommerce site to catch targeted audience in this holiday season, then contact us with your project details.

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