5 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Your Android or iPhone

Productive Apps

Productive Apps

Today’s fast paced life would be quite a mess if not for the smart devices that have taken over some of the tasks that would otherwise have been difficult to keep track of. Take, for example, an office worker or a businessman who is a frequent traveler.

For him, managing a schedule and perusing documents are the things that he has to do while on the road or in the air. Here we have listed 5 must-have productivity apps that such a user can take advantage of to do their work more efficiently on Android or iPhone.

To-do lists and calendars:


There are many to-do lists apps but barely any is equal to Any.Do in terms of simplicity, functionality and versatility. Along with its sister calendaring app, Any.Do is a choice that you will never go wrong with. The app is designed to make the whole process a simple and straightforward one. You can create or dictate to-do lists, and set time and location reminders. And the fact that the app is free on both platforms makes it an even more compelling choice.

Alternate: Wunderlist

Note taking:

There are literally countless occasions where we need to write down something in hurry: a note, an address, a reminder, an address. Note taking apps can make it a breeze as they are lightweight compared to full size word processors.

Evernote has, over the last few years, become synonymous with the activity of note taking. It is a simple, user friendly app that can do a lot more than just storing your notes in text. You can add audio, images and even your own handwriting to your notes. You can also tag them, categorize them and share them. Being cloud based and available across platforms, Evernote is a must-have app.

Alternate: Google Keep

File sharing:


As it happens, not everyone can keep all their files and documents in their mobile devices, either because of technical reasons, security fears or ease of use. In such scenarios cloud based file sharing services like Dropbox can save the day. Allowing tiered cloud storage, starting from a basic free one to costly, specially designed for business solutions, this iOS app can handle anyone’s needs. Its ability to integrate with various other productivity apps makes it a unique solution to keep your files in the cloud and access them when you want. The app has also been highly reliable over the years.

Alternate: Box, iCloud, Google Drive

Words and numbers:


This one is tough. Both platforms have excellent apps for the task. But perhaps if any one app can be declared as the best one, it is none other than QuickOffice. And now that Google owns the company, it is sure that it will put in its technological knowhow in it to make it even better. The app integrates well with cloud storage solutions and can manage all basic word processing tasks along with spreadsheets and presentations.

Alternates: Google Drive, iWork, Quip

Reading and mail:

Pocket, Mailbox:

You may, from time to time, want to save links to interesting articles, news stories or anything else you find interesting, and no app does this better than Pocket. It is simple, delightfully designed and manages all the links you save in its centralized cloud based servers so you can access them anywhere you want. It strips the articles of ads and other distractions thus leaving only the text for you. It is an excellent solution for all your bookmarking needs.

If you get a lot of mail and use iOS, Mailbox is what you need. The app’s simple gesture based controls can make your inbox management a walk in the park. You can swipe to delete, reply, or label an email message to read it later. The Dropbox owned app works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and iCloud accounts for the time being, but its features are expected to grow.

Alternate: Instapaper, Swizzle

Do you use any other great productivity apps that aren’t on this list? Let us know!

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