Travel Mobile Apps

6 Apps for the International Business Traveler

When you’re traveling internationally, there are many things you have to worry about – energy outlets changing, currency conversions. One thing you don’t have to worry about, though, are the…

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User Acquisition User Retention

A Guide to User Acquisition & User Retention

User acquisition and user retention are really two sides of the same coin, and both are important for app developers once their app is published on an app store. All…

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Introducing: Two Brand New Ad Types!

We have been working tirelessly to perfect our In App SDK, so today we are incredibly proud to introduce our two newest ad units: the Splash ad and the Overlay…

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App Monetization

How To Make eCPM Work For You

How can I increase my eCPM? We hear this question a lot from our developers, and similar questions pop up on developer forums all of the time. The first step…

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Productive Apps

5 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Your Android or iPhone

Today’s fast paced life would be quite a mess if not for the smart devices that have taken over some of the tasks that would otherwise have been difficult to…

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Mobile App IPOs

More Mobile App Companies Move Towards IPOs

Every mobile games developer wants to achieve the same kind of viral success that “Candy Crush Saga” and “Clash of Clans” have achieved. The mobile games industry is exploding, especially…

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Secure Apps

Top 5 Home Security Apps

Vacations should be relaxing and entertaining; however, if you’re concerned about the safety of your home and your belongings, vacations can lose some of their luster. It’s also difficult to…

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Mobile Web Search

A Peek into Mobile Web Search

Millions and millions of mobile searches are done every day, and that number is only expected to rise as smartphones spread across the globe. But, what exactly are people searching…

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User Retention

User Retention on iOS vs. Android

We are happy to announce the introduction of two new and improved StartApp SDKs: the updated InApp SDK and the InApp Plus SDK. Below, we explain each SDK and what…

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Produtivity App Success

4 Ways to Make Your Productivity App a Success

When it comes to articles about app development, most of the focus remains on mobile games. To be sure, mobile games are the most popular apps, and they bring in…

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