6 Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2019

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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. New gadgets are being launched each and every year. However, more and more start-ups, as well as tech companies, are launching path-breaking gadgets each and every year. The year 2019 promises to be no different.

There are quite a few tech gadgets lined up which are revolutionary. We will today share with you a list of different gadgets which you should watch out for in 2019 as curated by our good friends from NextDayPC.

Nixie Camera

Nixie Camera is a cross between the gadget and a drone. The best thing about this is that it is so compact that the camera can be worn as a wristwatch. The blades of the drone are flexible as well and therefore can be tied on the wrist.

Another important feature of this camera is that it can track you while flying. Thus, you will have a completely hands-free experience. Once you set it free and let it fly, you can indulge in your activity and the camera will track you consistently. As you can tie like a wristwatch and carry it with you wherever you go, it is actually revolutionary and easy to use as it will track you consistently.


Pebby is a gadget which is specifically designed for playing with your pets. It is a ball which is made from polycarbonate. You can control it remotely and move it around remotely in order to play with your pet. There are different skins which you can apply to it as well in order to change the entire design.

Also, after playing it will be a docking itself back into its station and plugging itself in for charging. Also, it allows you to monitor the vital stats of your pet and the activity levels of your pet in order to know more about their health. Thus, not only you will be able to monitor your pets consistently with the help of camera but also play with them. You can monitor their health with the Pebby ball.


Tapdo is a wristwatch type gadget which only detects the fingerprints. You can customize it to associate the different parts of your fingers with different applications. This means that if you touch it with the tip of your index finger, you can program it to play music.

Similarly, when you touch it with the middle part of your index finger, you can associate some other function with that. It is directly connected with your smartphone. With the help of Bluetooth technology, you will be able to control all the smart gadgets with the help of your smartphone.

Since it detects the part of the fingers which you make contact with, you can customize a wide variety of apps and controls with the help of a few fingers. The wrist watch-type gadget consists of a fingerprint scanner in order to detect the part of the finger which you use to make contact.


Hapbeat is a wearable speaker which generates vibrations according to the type of music which you listen. As a result, you can have a concert -like experience. It is pretty lightweight which ensures that you are able to wear it without any problem at all. If you like music and if you want to enjoy music in its entirety, this is the speaker which you should opt for.


Phigolf is a smart sensor which can be attached to your golf club. It will measure your swinging strength as well as angle and also simulates the golf course on your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth technology.

As a result, you will be able to practice your golf skills and swinging ability as well. With the help of proper golf course simulation on your smartphone, you can easily play using the sensor and improve your golfing skills. It is pretty versatile which makes it not only entertaining but educational when you want to improve your golf skills.

Muse Smartwatch

Muse smartwatch is not just another smartwatch. It has a battery life lasting for one entire year. It can help you control the various functions with the help of your smartwatch. It also has lights in order to alert you regarding the various functions of the smartwatch.

The lights get propagated on your hand around the watch. It has a snooze and vibrating function as well in order to wake you up when you sleep while wearing the wristwatch. At the same point in time, it has a low proximity sensor which ensures that you are able to pay using the watch.

All you need to do is to just bring the watch close to the POS terminal and you will be able to pay directly. Thus, it allows you to accomplish a lot of functions of the smartwatch without having to charge it again and again.

So, if you intend to buy some of the more interesting gadgets in 2019, these are the 6 options which you should look for.

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