Google Play Embraces Cross-Platform

Google Play Embraces Cross-Platform

Google Play Embraces Cross-Platform

According to a survey by Everyplay, mobile gamers who use both iOS and Android devices tend to be bigger consumers of mobile apps. The survey suggests these gamers not only spend more money within games, but also download more mobile games per month compared to the average user.

The mobile industry is now embracing this trend as well. As smartphones become more widespread, it’s only natural that users will want to interact with their friends and family even if they are on a separate platform. Additionally, companies like Apple and Google are trying closing the gap between mobile, desktop, wearables, and consoles to make a user’s digital experience seamless across the platforms.

The latest update to Google Play Services reflects this cross-platform push as well. To better assist Android developers who also work on iOS, Google Play Game Services has released some new tools which tie together Google Play Android SDK and the iOS SDK. Here are a few of the new tools:

Real-time Multiplayer SDK

Real-time Multiplayer has now been added to the Google Play Games C++ SDK, making it easy for cross-platform developers to enable multiplayer features on both their iOS and Android games

New Quest Features and Statistics

Google also has built on top of their popular ‘quests’ feature, which allows developers to add new content with needing to release a full update. The new version of Google Play Services has made the implementation of quests much easier, and it also opened up some new analytics features to allow developers to see how many users completed their quests. Devs can now publish quests as often as the want, without having to wait a full 24 hours.

New Game Services Alerts

Expanding on the new analytics tools, Google Play has expanded the types of alerts that developers receive on the Developer Console. Devs will now be able to see if there is a broken implementation in their multiplayer games. Multiplayers statistics are now available for free on the Developer Console, allowing devs to track the user engagement in their multiplayer games.

Now that companies are starting to streamline the digital experience, developers can expect that users will be looking for apps which work well across every device and every platform. Try to embrace all of the new cross-platform features being released by Apple and Google in order to stay ahead of the competition!

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