Top 5 Home Security Apps

Secure Apps

Secure Apps

Vacations should be relaxing and entertaining; however, if you’re concerned about the safety of your home and your belongings, vacations can lose some of their luster. It’s also difficult to make a home look like someone is there when everyone is away. Fortunately, there are apps for the computer and phone that allow you to protect your home while you’re not there.

1. iCam:

iCam is an iOS and Android app that allows you to use your phone to monitor up to 12 live video and audio feeds in your home. The app allows you to record from your feeds and play back events of interest. You can also receive notifications when someone or something trips the motion detector. You will need to install the iCamSource software beforehand, but if you have security camera installed, iCam lets your check in – even while you’re away.

2. MobiLinc:

The MobiLinc app allows you to control many of the devices in your home to make it seem as if you’re still there. You have to first have the INSTEON home networking technology previously installed in your place; this technology includes light dimmers, appliance controllers, irrigation systems, and thermostats. MobiLinc can control each of these items from a distance and is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

3. SimpliSafe:

The Simplisafe app allows you to monitor and control your home security system from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s securing your home from burglars or preventing pipe bursts inside of it, this app will help you know exactly what’s happening inside and outside your home at any time. Although you have to have a SimpliSafe2 security system installed in your home to use this app, it is well worth it considering you’ll have 24/7 live alarm monitoring and trained professional armed at your disposal.

There are a number of apps that can help you keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Not only will they protect your home from unfortunate events, but they’ll give you a peace of mind while you’re away from it enjoying your vacation.


The app has great user reviews and is one of Androids top security apps. The app’s remote features make it easy to monitor your home or business from anywhere in real time with its interactive security and video monitoring. also features energy management and home automation solutions to allow you to control almost anything in your home or business. It does require an interactive service plan and system with

Some of the top features of this app is that it allows you to remotely arm or disarm your security system as well as lock and unlock doors. Did you forget to turn your lights on or off after you left the property? No problem! allows you to control the lights as well as your thermostat. Trying to keep the children out of the medicine or liquor cabinet? Easy! The app can immediately let you know when it’s been opened! It can also tell you if you’ve left the garage door opened or if there has been flooding or a water leak in your basement. The app offers many features that make it easy to keep your home or business safe.

5. TinyCam:

The TinyCam app is one of the top choices for security apps for Android users. It features remote surveillance and digital video recording. Android offers both a free and paid version of the app however both versions have awesome features such as three multiple camera layouts, sequence mode and digital zoom. The app also allows you import and/or export settings to SD or Dropbox service! Like, the TinyCam app received great user reviews and ratings.

There is nothing worse than coming home from vacation to find your home broken into or damaged and now your home insurance rates increased. There are many security apps available to help you keep your home or business safe from damage anywhere you are!

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