Monetizing with the User in Mind

App Monetizing

App Monetizing

What is one of the main keys to successful monetization? Its simple; monetize with the user in mind! After all, the user is the person who you want to click on or interact with your ads in order to earn you some revenue. Ignoring the user experience in order to have as many advertisements as possible will only end up annoying users and will not pay off for you in the long run.

At Developers Alliance’s Make Money with Apps Workshop in San Francisco, StartApp spoke about the importance of user experience with monetizing your app with in-app advertising. Here are some of the key takeaways:

1. Do not put advertisements at every point in your app

The key here is to put advertising at a natural break point within your app. If you have a gaming app, this natural break point could be after every 5 game levels (you don’t want to put an ad after every level). Or, if you have a non-gaming app, a natural break point could be when the user visits the app menu or decides to exit the app.

2. Know Which Ads Work

This is where analytics come in. You could have the most technically advanced ad unit on the market, but, if no one clicks on it, then it isn’t useful to you. In most cases, interstitial and full-screen ads will more more successful than banner ads. However, this may not always be the case.

Examine your app and your user engagement to narrow down which ads work best for your app and your users. To successfully monetize, you need to be flexible with your ad strategy.

3. Ad Targeting

In most cases, ad targeting is done on the back-end from ad networks like StartApp. However, developers should be monitoring which ads are being shown in their app. Ensure that the right ads are being shown to your users, especially if your app is localized.

For example, if your apps are targeting Japanese users but your ads are in English, your engagement rates are going to drop significantly. Or, if your app is targeted to California users and they are being shown local offers from New York, you will not see high engagement rates either. As the ad market matures, this targeting will become more streamlined. Until then, devs should continue to monitor their apps to make sure they are monetizing as well as possible.

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