Introducing: Two Brand New Ad Types!

We have been working tirelessly to perfect our In App SDK, so today we are incredibly proud to introduce our two newest ad units: the Splash ad and the Overlay ad.

Overlay Ads

The Overlay ad adds a unique and engaging entrance animation and uses a transparent background so that the user interface of the app is shown behind the ad. Overlay ads will appear in rotation with our regular full-page ads!

Overlay Ads

Splash Ads

The Splash ad is designed to appear when a user launches an application. With the Splash ad, developers set up a splash screen which is then followed by one of our Overlay ads. The splash screen is completely customizable for developers. You can choose the color and text, or you can use your own custom loading screen prior to the advertisement.

Splash Ads

Each new ad type offers eye-catching animations that will encourage users to engage with the ads, and higher user engagement leads to high eCPM!

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