How to Create Buzz and Market Your App With Social Media

Social Media App Marketing

Social Media App Marketing

With the increase in smartphone and tablet purchases, people are buying and using more and more apps for business and for pleasure. More and more app developers are adding to the growing pool of apps. Whether you’re creating apps for Android, Windows, or any other platform, your app won’t get very far if people don’t know where and how to find it. Simply launching your app isn’t good enough.

With the right social media marketing strategies, you can reach larger audiences, create buzz and market your app both lucratively and effectively. You can use an online marketing agency to help you to consistently get your app on the right social media streams and increase your app’s visibility and your bottom line.

You can’t mention social media without mentioning the social media giant, Facebook. With millions of users across the globe, Facebook is a great way to advertise your app and reach a large audience. Running an effective Facebook advertising campaign will get your app noticed by potential customers.

Even if you don’t have time to handle the ad campaign yourself, hiring a good online marketing agency can help take the burden off of your shoulders. The right agency can do your social media marketing for you so you can have time to focus on other things, like creating more apps.

But, Facebook isn’t the only social media tool that you can use to promote your app. There are many others and more are being added every year. Of course, Twitter is one of the top social media tools that many businesses use to market their products and it is also a great way to market apps.

A simple tweet to a targeted audience interested in your app can increase your sales as well as generate more interest in your app on the whole. Since tweets can only contain a limited number of characters, it’s a great and fast way to market your app. But, if you’re too busy to consistently tweet about your app, you can use your online marketing agency to tweet for you and still reap the marketing benefits.

Two newer social media outlets that you can use to market your apps are Vine and Pinterest. Although they are newer, they are rapidly generating larger user bases. Vine is a social media outlet that lets users create short, 6-second snippits of video to post and share.

You can create a short and catchy video of screenshots of your app in a vine and share with your audience. Depending on the focus and function of your app, you can use Pinterest and create image boards of things that you want to share.

While the days of traditional marketing are long gone, the good news is that social media marketing is a quicker and easier marketing method to use to generate sales. But, with the number of different social media avenues available, it can get overwhelming doing it on your own.

Hiring a company to help make the task more manageable is often a great strategy to reap the benefits of social media marketing without having to commit the time. Taking the time to assess your specific goals will help you to make the right choice for you. The right social media marketing strategy will help you to sell your app quickly.

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